About Us

Joseph Palmer – 09/13

Joseph is currently living abroad with his wonderful family and staying very busy as an English teacher and a servant of God. In his spare time, he enjoys working on apps and writing!

Danielle Palmer – 10/03

Danielle is honored to be the wife of Joseph Palmer and the mother of some very cute children. She spends much of her time watching her children, studying with ladies and drawing.

Ezekiel Palmer – 10/26

Ezekiel is 5 years old and loves people! He enjoys school and is learning to read! Ezekiel’s favorite color is blue and favorite animal is a zebra.

Isaiah Palmer – 07/08

Isaiah is 3 years old and his hobby is eating! He is still at home and loves his sister more than anything! Isaiah loves the colors red and yellow, and tigers are his favorite animal.

Tirzah Lily Palmer – 02/02

Tirzah Lily is our perfect daughter in heaven. We were blessed to have her for 3 months before God took her home. She was very cute!

Janelle Palmer – 06/27

Janelle is the youngest of the Palmer Clan and enjoys being spoiled by ALL of us! She is a very happy baby, and she is currently learning to crawl!

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