New Book: Jesus Loves You More…

Our new book, Jesus Loves You More…, is finished! The following is from the book’s description:
“Take a delightful journey through the alphabet in this fun, rhyming book for children! Bright, captivating illustrations combined with simple, understandable sentences make this book a great choice for those who enjoy listening as well as those who have just learned to read!”
Visit to see more info! Your children (and you) will love reading this book again and again!

Exciting News!

Family and Friends,

It’s official! We’ve purchased the tickets, and we will be taking our first return visit to America soon. We are very excited to see and spend time with you! The dates of our visit are December 27-January 30.

If you are family, we’ll let you know soon exactly when we’ll visit. We also plan to visit different churches throughout our trip. If you’re not family, and you want to meet up with us, feel free to contact us about details or ideas!

We love you!
Joseph and Danielle (and Ezekiel and Isaiah) Palmer

Give, and it shall be given unto you…

Recently, I was buying some of my insulin at the hospital. Before seeing the doctor, I deposited money on my hospital card. (This card can then be used in the doctor’s office to pay for the medicine.) Unsure of how much everything would cost, I asked for one additional pack of needles, which cost about 30 RMB. Unfortunately, the total with the needles was more than I had on the hospital card, so I decided not to get them. I got the insulin and left for a nearby pharmacy to get the rest of my insulin.

When leaving the hospital, I always pass at least one beggar. That day, I passed three. Although I did not have the 30 RMB on the card, I did have some money in my pocket. When passing the first beggar, I reached in my pocket and pulled out a 10 RMB bill and dropped it in his can. This happened again for the second and third beggars, as well. (By the third, I was hoping to pull out a smaller bill from my pocket!)

After giving the 30 RMB, I walked into the pharmacy, mentally adding and subtracting my lack of money. I ordered the insulin, paid for it, and then returned to the medicine counter with my receipt. The man at the counter handed me my medicine and then a box of needles. He said that they were giving me the needles free!

I found again the truth of Luke 6:38! “Give, and it shall be given unto you…”