God Answers Prayer!

I often see the “little” things God does even more clearly than the “big” things. So it was with our recent trip to get my new passport. Although God perfectly orchestrated the whole trip and left us feeling overwhelmed at His goodness toward us, the memories that are clearest in my mind are ones that some might call “little” things. To us, though, they were clear statements of the loving care of our Father!

For the last part of our journey home, we needed to catch two taxis. We had a total of 62.9 yuan left from our trip. This was much less than we would have planned to bring for those taxi rides, so we prayed that God would help us to make it home. He did! What was especially exciting was that we spent exactly 62 yuan on those two taxi fares!

Also, the second taxi ride was from a friend’s house back to our house. Taxis are very rare in that residential part of town and that time of night (almost 10 pm). We decided, therefore, to pray that God would send us a taxi. He did, of course, and when we arrived at the gate there was our taxi, with no apparent reason (other than our prayer) for the driver being there! Once again, God had answered us instantly. He is so good to us!

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