Predestination Vs. the Will of Man, or Predestination and the Will of Man?

God has “chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world.” Does that mean we have no will? Does that mean we are ultimately really His “robots” doing His will without a will of our own?

If so, prayer becomes irrelevant, obedience becomes impossible, and God’s invitations lose importance. Biblical commands can ultimately be ignored, as they will or will not be obeyed as He decides. Praying for any result is pointless, as that result has already been determined. “Come unto me” becomes an irrelevant statement, as “coming” is not something we can choose to do.

Yet these are just three obvious problems with a complete removal of the will of man. The centuries-old debate of “God’s Will versus Man’s Will” seems to get off to a difficult start.

What if, though, the Bible clearly teaches both? Maybe the emphasis on God’s Will is meant to help us choose to glory in a great God who gave us grace just because He wanted to, not because of our merit! (Romans 9; I Corinthians 1) Maybe also, He is trying to encourage us to “walk worthy” of His choosing us. (Compare Ephesians 1-3 to Ephesians 4-6.)

On the other hand, maybe the emphasis on our will is to show how much we need His grace, because we have made and do make the wrong choices! (John 3; Romans 3) Also, maybe God is trying to emphasize our responsibility of doing His Will and sharing His willingness to extend grace to others! (Romans 10:9-15)

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